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Everything in your life is measurable

There are so many different things we can track in our lives, far beyond pre-defined categories - the things we’re interested in measuring are subjective!
With Subjective, any aspect of your life can be measured - from sleep, to stress, to mood, to exercise, to mindfulness - and, of course, diet. Anything.

The perfect scale

Forget a 5-star or 1-10 system. Subjective uses a 1,3 and 5 scale, intuitively designed to enhance your rating skills and equip you to make faster decisions.

Good and Bad days

Using your ratings data, Subjective can tell if you’re having a good or bad day. Add your daily observations to the mix and you can easily see what's happening in your life.

Personal Data Science

Turn your data into insights through Subjective’s Personal Data Science. For example, learn whether or not Yoga’s contributing to your good days through easy and intuitive visual analysis.

Wondering whether you’re happier when you’re on the road? Check out the data from your last few trips for insight.

Discover the secret to your personal happiness through learning what makes a good day truly good for you.

Looking for inspiration?

These are some of the things people track daily using Subjective.
Sleep Quality
Cat's Mood
Dog's Walk
Baby's Sleep
Social Interactions

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